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das lied passt so... ich vermiss sie so.. sie wendet sich wieder von mir ab.. und es zerreist mich schon wieder.. ich müsste das gefühl langsam kennen.. weil es is ja nich das erste mal.. trotzdem...


I feel the coldness in my heart,
I wish that you could be with me.
I wish you could heal my endless pain
and take me away from all my fears.
But I´m trapt in my world of doubts.
I´m not free to follow you.
I know you would give everything you´ve got
and you would handle me with care.

I will never forget the moment,
when you looked into my eyes.
When I touched your skin for the first time,
I felt heaven in my hands.

So I try to close my eyes
and I´m dreaming me away.
In my dreams you hold me tight,
in my dreams you´re always here.
I never want to wake up again.
Don´t want to face reality.
You´re so far away from me,
but you will always be in my dreams. my dreams... my dreams...

26.1.07 20:34

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